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Curve Dynamic Roller Conveyor Brief Introduction
Curve dynamic roller conveyor is widely used in assembling and transporting line, physical distribution, container stuffing, especially in the large food processing line for conveying food products. It can convey small, medium or heavy goods like packaged food, fruits, canned food, beverages, boxes, etc. The all-steel structure makes sure that it holds its integrity when extended or curved. It helps to increase work efficiency, decrease labor intensity and reduce cost as well.
Curve Food Roller Conveyor Features
Roller conveyor can be totally customized includes width, height, turning degree, inner radius, outer radius, roller pitch.

conveying plastic boxes

Economic and practical, as well as high in performance-price ratio.
Modularized design and easy assembling.
Food conveyor height is adjustable, with wide application.
Surfaces are treated by electrostatic spray in case of rustiness.
Reliable running. It can be used for forward and reverse transport.
Large throughput, quick speed, running fast, can realize many varieties of transmission of collineation and distributaries.

Application of Food Curve Roller Conveyor

donut conveyor

It is used for transporting of boxes unit load with flat bottom.
It is used for arc transition section of conveyor line.
In combination with straight roller conveyor, it can be fit together at a required turning angle.
It applies to convey all kinds of goods like boxes, bags, packages, parcels, trays, pallets, etc. which is packaged with snacks, fruits, nuts, beverages and so on.

How to Install a Roller Conveyor
1. Adjust the front conveyor rack beams to the desired height, the height at which the product is removed to a box or bin.
2. Adjust the rear conveyor beams at a slightly higher elevation than the front ones. The height of the rear beams will depend on the size and weight of your product.
3. Add a pair of hangers to both the rear and front beams. These sit atop the beams.

conveying bread4. Join two roller conveyor tracks by using a pair of bridge hangers included with the roller conveyor hardware.
5. Place the track end of each unit in the back lip inserts of the hangers. Place the hanger over an adjustable intermediate beam.
6. Adjust the beam height when you experience glitches or the product moves too quickly.

Curve Dynamic Roller Conveyor Technical Parameters

roller food conveyor

Driving form: electric motor&electric drum.
Frame &Roller material: spraying carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum(customized)
Transmission form: chain driven.
Speed: fixed speed or variable speed.
Roller width: 300mm,500mm,800mm,1000mm,1500mm(customized)
Turning degree: 45/90/180.74
Inner radius, outer radius, height, roller pitch all can be customized.

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