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bucket elevator

Bucket Elevator for Food Product Introduction
Bucker elevator is to deliver powder or small granule materials vertically for further processing or packing. It enjoys more and more popularity not only because of its high elevating speed but less room coverage. It is mostly designed in Z type and also suitable to convey fragile and breakable snack products such as potato chips, fried shrimp sticks, nuts, biscuits, etc. Bucket elevator can be worked with weighing and packing machine to form a continuous food product quantative packing system, which is quite sough after in food industry.
Food Bucket Elevator Advantages

PP elevating hopper

High efficiency. Conveying bucket is designed into wide shape, which makes food materials go through smoothly and saves time. Vertical design covers less ground area and allows two or more elevators work together, thus improves conveying efficiency.
Can either work independently or combined with computer weigher and packing machine for food product automatically packing line; stable and with little spillage.
Economy. Food bucket elevator has guaranteed quality, long service life and low maintenance frequency, which lowers cost to the least.
Environmental friendly. Conveying bucket is made of food grade PP, other parts are made of stainless steel materials, thus ensure food hygienic and healthy.

elevating grain

High automation. A controlling cabinet is equipped for pre-setting conveying weight, and there is alarms for wrong operation.
Energy saving. It is reasonably structured, simply operated and electricity saving.
Food Bucket Elevator Technical Data
Model: ATZ
Elevating capacity: 4-6.5m3/h
Bucket volume: 1.8L/3.8L
Bucket material: food grade PP
Hoisting height (m) : 2 -10 m(Customized)
Infeed length:863mm
Max. conveyed material size(mm) : 50 mm * 50 mm
Electric power: 0.75kw-3kw

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