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Brief Introduction of Inclined Food Grade Belt Conveyor
Inclined belt conveyors, the same as the flat belt conveyors, are used for direct food handling, and sanitary bulk materials handling. However, inclined belt conveyors are designed to carry the product up or down an incline. Inclined food belt conveyor can mainly transport grain, puffed food, snack foods, frozen foods, vegetables, fruits, chemical and block items for food packaging industry such as brittle food materials (potato chips, shrimp), and granular food materials (grains or packaged products).







 Features of Inclined Belt Conveyor


Food grade PP and SUS304, safe and healthy.
Durable, anti-oxidation, anti-wear, great load capacity.
The design for the scraper and the baffles in both sides plays an important role on increasing effectiveness of material and preventing from leakage.
Clean by water easily, disassembly easily.
No sharp corners or danger to staff, and you can clean the belt freely with water. 

Note: Can be customized according to different requirements of customers.


Application Industries of Inclined Belt Conveyor

1. Belt conveyor is widely used in food, tobacco, electric, toy, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, posts and telecommunications, and any others industry fields.
2. According to different transferring equipment, the transfer system can be one independently or multi-conveyor or combined with other transfer equipments to meet the needs of different production lines.

Operating Principle of Belt Conveyor

The motor drives the driving rollers of the belt conveyor, and drives the roller by the strong belt advances. Materials are conveyed from the original place to the determined place.

Technical Parameter of Inclined Belt Conveyor


* Belt Width: 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 650mm, 800mm, 1000mm.
* Height: 3520mm(or customize).
* Capacity : 4-6.5m³/h.
* Inclined Angle 0-60 degree(or customize).
* Conveyor Belt: Food grade PP.
* Driving Device: Electric motor.
* Belt Speed: Fixed speed or adjustable speed(frequency converter).
* Frame: Export food hygiene SUS304 or carbon steel as your demand.


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