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How to Solve the Abnormal Noise and Belt Slipping of Belt Con

The belt conveyor is ideal for conveying particulates and blocky materials, which has the advantages of larger conveying capacity, low energy consumption, compact structure, convenient maintenance, lower expenditure. So it is important for us to know some common sense of solve belt conveyor working fault, such as the abnormal noise and belt slipping.


The methods to solve abnormal noise
1.The noise of serious eccentric roller
When the belt conveyor are turning, the abnormal noise will be produced accompanied with periodic vibration, especially for the return roller, the noise is stronger under the effect of long length and large weight.
There are two reasons for the abnormal noise. First, the thickness of seamless steel tube wall is not uniform, producing much bigger centrifugal force. The other one is the deviation between the hole center and circle center of both ends bearing, resulting into larger centrifugal force.
2.The noise of different axis of heart
The coupling between electric motor and speed reducer produces abnormal noise, this noise is also in the wake of vibration that is same as the frequency of electric motor. When it came to this circulation, you are ought to adjust the location of electric motor and speed reducer, so as to avoid the break of coupling which impact the normal working performance.
3.The noise of redirecting cylinder and driving cylinder
When the redirecting cylinder and driving cylinder works abnormally, the noise is much louder, however, it comes up with abnormal noise, the most possible reason is lied in damage of bearing, the right method you should do is changing the bearing.


The methods to solve belt slipping
1.Belt slipping of heavy hammer tensioning belt conveyor
When use heavy hammer tensing belt conveyor, the belt slipping can be solved by adding weight, until the belt is not slipping. Do not add too much weight, in order to avoid reducing the service life of belt due to the increasing of too much tensioning force.
2.Belt slipping of screw tensioning and hydraulic tensioning belt conveyor
The best solution of this belt slipping is to enlarge the tensioning force. However, keep the tensioning force in an acceptable range, or the belt will be deformed.
Belt conveyor is a general machinery equipment, which is widely used in various industries, and the abnormal noise and belt slipping is the most common problem, so it is most important to know the solving method for us.