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How to Choose the Proper Belt Conveyor

Based on the principle of friction, belt conveyor is widely used for conveying various materials with the advantages of large conveying capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low cost and strong versatility. Being important auxiliary equipment in production line, belt conveyor plays an essential role in the manufacturing process of various industries. Therefore, how to choose the proper belt conveyor is especially important.


First, we must take some factors into consideration, including applicable industry, texture of conveyor belt, width of conveyor belt, etc. For the rubber belt conveyor, the working temperature is -15-40℃, and the temperature of materials can not exceed 50℃. Plastic belt has excellent oil, acid and alkali resistance, while it is more susceptible to the impact of climate, easier to slip and age. The belt conveyor is widely used in modern metallurgy, mining, chemical industries.

Second, choose the belt speed correctly. The longer conveying distance, the higher belt speed. The larger inclination angle of belt conveyor, the shorter conveying distance, then a lower belt speed is required. For a belt conveyor with large conveying capacity and wide belt, we should choose higher belt speed. If the materials is easy to scroll and raise dust, large in granularity or has a strict requirement of sanitation, a relatively low belt speed is better. The belt speed should be less than 2.5m/s when a throw-off carriage is adopted. When conveying small even fine materials, allowable speed is 3.15m/s.


The speed can be 0.8-1m/s when used for feeding or conveying the materials with large amount of dust. Besides, we can set the speed according to the material characteristic and technological requirements.
Besides, you can take the advice of more than one manufacturer and research the price and technical solutions available to you thoroughly. Make sure to purchase the belt conveyor from reputable dealers to get high quality systems and good advice.
For the reasons given above, it is best to follow each step carefully. If you do these things correctly, you will have few or no difficulties in choosing the proper belt conveyor.