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Different Types Of Conveyors and Their Application

Conveyor is a common equipment that moves materials from one place to another. They are widely used in the transportation of heavy or bulky materials. Different kinds of conveyors are used according to the different needs of the industries. There are belt conveyor, screw conveyor, chain conveyor, roller conveyor, pneumatic conveyor, prolley conveyor.
Belt Conveyor
The belt conveyors are widely used in the industry where goods are to be moved in a straight path, such as sandy or lump materials, packaged materials. The products move along with the belt. The width and length of the belt can be chosen according to the requirements. It can installed horizontally or be inclined to meet the transfer lines. They have a wide range of capabilities and can transport light, heavy, fragile packages.


Screw Conveyor
Screw conveyor is a mechanism that uses a rotating helical screw blade to move liquid or granular materials. The first type of screw conveyor was the Archimedes’ screw which is used for pump irrigation water since ancient times. It is widely used for bulk handling industries, which including grains, coal, food waste, wood chips and many others. It’s one of the most extensively used conveyors in the processing industry.
Chain Conveyor
Chain conveyor consists of one or more chains so that the goods can be directly loaded on it. It is designed to hold or transport large unit loads, such as pallets, grid boxes, and industrial containers. The chain arrangement is driven by a motor, and the material suspended on the pendants are conveyed. Many industry sectors use chain conveyor technology in their production lines.
Roller Conveyor
Roller conveyors are an essential part for materials handling. Roller conveyor can be an electric one or power free. The material transferred with roller conveyor should have a hard surface. The roller conveyor transferred the goods from one end to the other end.
Pneumatic Conveyor
The material that are light weighed and requires air pressure to move can be conveyed through the pneumatic conveyors. Pneumatic conveyors can include three types of systems: pressure system, vacuum system and pressure as well as vacuum system.
Trolley Conveyor
Trolley conveyor can either be mounted on the floor or a flush floor be required. The trolley floor conveyor is a highly versatile transportation device that runs along the ground. Trolley conveyor belt can be engineered to take advantage of the double planar chains, precision chain or towed die forging chain depends on the weight. A trolley can be designed to transport a variety of components and the system can transport any weight from light plastic parts to 12 tonne earth moving vehicles.
The conveyors mentioned above are the mostly common types. Our company can supply you different types of food conveyors. If you need conveyors or have any question, please feel free to contact with us. We ensure to offer you the best quality products and services to you.