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Daily Operation and Maintenance of the Belt Conveyor

The belt conveyor can increase the production efficiency and save the cost of labor, which has a wide range of application in food production and processing industries. However, because of longer conveying time, it will cause wear and tear in some degree, thereby resulting in the reduction of the service life. So we should keep daily operation and maintenance in mind.


The operation of belt conveyor
1.Checking obstacle which is possible to bring worse impact on conveyor belt, before closing the driving machine. If so, please put off the obstacle.
2.Checking wether power source is normal or not. When it comes to the un-normal power, the measurement and allocation is essential duty for you, so as to guarantee the normal voltage which the machine need.
3.Adopting variable frequency control system and speed ratio control system.
The maintenance of belt conveyor
The starting and stopping of conveying of belt conveyor must be under the condition of unloading. In addition, to prevent the occurrence of emergency and the reliable performance, we should equip the suitable quantity of stopping button in appropriate location. And meanwhile the proper and timely maintenance is a compulsory course that need to keep in mind.
1.Checking the driving motor and speed reducer is normal or not.
2.Checking the connection with all components is reliable or not.
3.If the belt of conveyor is loose, during inspecting process, please adjust immediately.
4.To get the credible friction of belt, you need to clean the contaminant and sundries.


5.Inspect the flexibility of roller regularly.
6.When it comes to the mismatch between the chain and chain wheel, you should add lubrication oil and adjust without delay.
7.In order to avoid the machine fault, please blowing the dust by the air gun, which hides into the controlling box.
8.Clean the speeding reducer after being used for 100 hours.
9.The more comprehensive maintenance is essential for belt conveyor every year.
When we operate the belt conveyor, the above attention should be paid to obtain the reliable performance. The belt conveyors we designed provide the perfect after sales service and warranty period to every customer to meet your profitable business.